The Winter Varnish

71 degrees and clear blue skies. It can’t be January. Where is our snow?

I take advantage of the warm afternoon to put on a nice thin coat of Epifanes varnish on the boat. I finish one side of the thwart, all the floorboards and the outside of 3/4 of the stringers.

I lament that spring is just around the corner and I am still trying to get the varnish completed.

I lament that there isn’t a single electrical outlet in the entire garage.

Who builds a garage like that? With just one outlet, I could use a heater to keep the garage at something near 65 degrees. The varnish could dry without the probability of hazing.

I empty the last bit of thinned varnish from the jar just as the sky turns indigo and a frosty winter varnish coats the air.